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Khotcher looks for the best source and development for our products to satisfy our customer. We cooperate with Wangnumyen Dairy Cooperative Limited in Thailand to produce a Milk Tablet under brand “Q-Life” which help Thai dairy farmer reduce over supply of raw milk in Thailand. We try our best to create a sustainable agriculture in Thailand. Moreover, we are looking forward to expand the organic farm to produce the best product for our consumer. Keep in touch with us for a future project. Here are our finished product available.

Q-Life Milk Tablet

Manufactured by Wangnumyen Dairy Cooperative Limited.

  • Made of 100% pure natural cow's milk.

  • A natural source of calcium for building and maintaining strong bones, heart, and. muscles

  • Support Thai dairy farmer and increase income for Thai agriculture to be more sustainable.

  • Certified by HACCP,ISO22000,GMP,HALAL,EST.​


Available in 3 Flavours:

Chocolate, Sweet and Durian





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Organic Valley

Imported from USA

  • Ultra pasteurized (UHT) dairy milk, with naturally occurring omega-3 and CLA

  • Single serve milk boxes for kids. Perfect for lunch boxes, snacks, and on the go

  • Delicious, nutritious, organic milk from pasture-raised cows on small family farms

  • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, gluten free, non GMO, and Kosher with no preservatives, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, rBGH, or rBST.

Available in 3 Flavours:

Whole Milk, Low-fat Milk and Chocolate Low-fat Milk

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